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At Wikrolux, we engineer brilliant lighting solutions for everything from stores, parking halls and mines to cruise ships and emergency lighting.


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Lighting solutions for modern industries

We pride ourselves on engineering top-tier lighting solutions tailored for diverse industries. From our versatile general lighting solutions ideal for stores, park halls, and mining, to cutting-edge emergency lighting for industrial and commercial settings, each product embodies our commitment to quality, innovation, and safety.


Emergency lighting

Specializing in top-tier emergency lighting for diverse industries, our precisely engineered emergency lighting solutions ensure safe exits in critical situations. Committed to quality and innovation, our reliable, high-performance emergency exit signs safeguards lives and properties in complex environments.


Cruise ship lighting

We manufacture high-quality emergency lighting tailored for the rigorous sea industry, crafting durable, efficient emergency exit signs for indoor and outdoor cruise ship environments. Our specialized marine-grade emergency lights ensure safety and reliability, meeting the many challenges of the sea.


General lighting

Our energy-efficient LED lighting solutions are ideal for many settings such as mining, parking halls, and retail stores. Prioritizing durability and efficiency, our products effectively illuminate spaces, ensuring safety and functionality in challenging industrial, retail, and commercial settings.


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